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Corporate Social Responsibility

The InterContinental Resorts of French Polynesia are committed to promoting environmentally sustainable development.
We have shown ongoing commitment to controlling our consumption of water and energy, our waste production and our impact on local communities, while simultaneously establishing environmental and social sustainability. 
The resort's beach has also received the Pavillon Bleu certification (2015,2016), which assesses the quality of the water.
InterContinental Hotels & Resorts Group is actively engaged in preserving the beauty of its locations within the Society Islands, and promotes the values of ecotourism and sustainable development so that future generations will be able to enjoy these heavenly places.
This sustainable commitment manifests in the adoption of a sustainability policy and support for the actions of the local NGO Te Mana O Te Moana (‘The Spirit of the Ocean’).
The InterContinental® Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa is committed to:
  • Complying with environmental legislation and regulations;
  • Respecting human rights and paying  particular attention to workplace safety;
  • Monitoring, recording and assessing our environmental performances on a regular basis;
  • Encouraging the development and integration of sustainable technologies (SWAC, solar panels, rainwater tank, etc.);
  • Reducing our paper consumption by replacing all the brochures with a digital tablet, and using the application PressReader to have access to every newspapers available instead of a print version;
  • Implementing new technologies to decrease our environmental impact: use of LED; sub-meters and reducers of water flow; waste sorting systems; turning green waste into compost; treatment and reuse of waste water and rain for watering; installing moving detectors and infrared faucet activators;
  • Continuing our sustainable purchasing policy and encouraging whenever possible to use suppliers who respect human rights, have  business integrity, utilize environmentally-friendly practices; and are local;
  • Contributing to biodiversity conservation with eco-management of the coral garden the development of the electrolysis technique. Raising guests’ awareness, employees and others of the local biodiversity and the fragileness of this ecosystem;
  • Developing educational programs through green visits of our hotel (green infrastructures, rays observation, coral gardens…), and raising awareness in schools;
  • Promoting local culture and participating in community action in local events (day of tourism, national day, etc.).
Te Mana O Te Moana
The Te Mana O Te Moana association was founded in 2004 by the owner of the InterContinental Resorts of French Polynesia, Mr Richard Bailey. Recognised as a general interest organisation, Te Mana O Te Moana is a member of the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). The Te Mana O Te Moana office is located at the InterContinental Moorea Resort & Spa. 
Through its research, conservation, communication and education initiatives, Te Mana O Te Moana aims to protect the sea environment in French Polynesia and raise people's awareness of ecological issues.