Our people
Contributing to the wellbeing of our teams

Caring for People

The wellbeing of our Polynesian staff and resort partners is very important to us, and we make every effort to ensure they are as cared for and respected as our guests.

BOBHB green leaders

Green Leaders

To involve our staff in the hotel’s CSR initiatives, we have created a Green Ambassador Team who helps deploy the “We Care” sustainable development strategy within the hotel. Our Green ambassadors are invested in the evolution of CSR projects and participate in decision-making.

Our Green Team brings together all committed employees who actively participate in CSR events organized within the hotel throughout the year.

Skill-based sponsorship

We prioritize hiring locally and offer continuous professional training programs to our staff aimed at professional development, including offering lectures and field trips led by our many visiting experts. With our internships, we invite local students to learn about the tourism and hospitality industry by gaining hands-on professional experience, thus providing inspiring career options for young islanders.

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As part of our commitment to supporting island businesses and artisans, we prioritize sourcing our supplies and ingredients as locally as possible, including from our staff’s own family farms and shops.