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Traditional Polynesian Beach Ceremony 
Our traditional Polynesian ceremony takes place on a private stretch of white-sand beach covered in a carpet of tropical flowers and palm fronds. As a backdrop: the majestic Mount Otemanu and the sparkling turquoise waters of the lagoon. A decorated outrigger canoe will pick you up from the private pontoon of your villa and take you to your beachfront ceremony, where the priest, dancers and musicians will be waiting. 
The conch shell – pu – is sounded upon your arrival. A Polynesian priest will then unify the couple, blending tradition with local touches in a ceremony that incorporates auti leaves, pure lagoon water, flower necklaces and flower crowns. The couple is baptised with new Polynesian names and given a tapa wedding certificate. Dancers surround the couple with the traditional tifaifai (Polynesian wedding quilt), symbolising their union. A Polynesian dance is then performed for the couple as they relax and enjoy fresh coconut punch from the husk.  
Traditional Chapel Ceremony
This ceremony takes place in our spectacular overwater, glass-bottomed chapel, ideally situated in front of Mont Otemanu. Bride and groom are escorted to the chapel, where they are welcomed by the priest and the sound of ukuleles. Polynesian love songs are sung by a choir outside the chapel as the couple approach. The Polynesian priest unifies the couple, mixing Polynesian tradition with local touches. Traditional love tokens, such as auti leaves, pure lagoon water and flower necklaces and crowns are incorporated into the ceremony, which concludes with the couple being baptised with their new Polynesian names and receiving a tapa wedding certificate. Dancers then surround the couple with the traditional tifaifai (Polynesian wedding quilt). After the nuptials, dancers and musicians perform for the bride and the groom.

Traditional Ocean Ceremony
This ceremony is staged in the ‘wildest’ location on our motu – in a jungle setting on the reef side of the islet, against the backdrop of Taha’a and Raiatea islands. The couple is escorted to their ceremony, their arrival announced by the sound of the traditional pu conch shell. They are welcomed by the priest, who performs the ceremony using various Polynesian symbols of marriage. The couple exchanges flower necklaces and crowns to symbolise their union. The priest then performs the concluding benediction with the sacred auti leaf. The couple then cast their flowers into the ocean to symbolise the eternal nature of their marriage.